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Canine Rescue Coalition & AZ Mastiff Rescue

I have always been a dog lover. I have fond memories of all the dogs my family has had through the years. That being said, my current dog RJ has been the most rewarding. I got RJ from a family that was giving him away on Craigslist because they didn’t know how big he would become. These giant breed dogs are the some of the most kind and gentle of all dog breeds. They have an amazing temperment and only want to be fed, loved, and spend time with you. Because of their size and power they are often sought after for less than ethical reasons. One of the other things that I have seen is that so many of these dogs end up in shelters or simply given away due to their size and needs. This organization really cares and provides a way to help these dogs get the help they need. They place them in homes that understand them and will be able to accomidate their needs. A portion of all my transactions will be donated to help with their cause. When you meet my dog RJ, you will understand why this cause is near and dear to me.

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