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Queen Creek is a community in the east valley of the Phoenix-area and borders Mesa, Gilbert, and San Tan Valley. The Town of Queen Creek’s name originated over a hundred miles away in the eastern mountains surrounding the Town of Superior.  Due to the abundance of ore in that area, many mines were located there, one of them being the Silver Queen.  At the base of the Silver Queen Mine there was a creek known as the Picket Post Creek, named for the oddly shaped mountain above it . When the Silver Queen Mine opened for production, the name of the Picket Post Creek was changed to Queen Creek. Queen Creek runs past the mine, through the Queen Creek Canyon and into the area surrounding the present day Town of Queen Creek.

Before the scattered farm community was called Queen Creek, it was known as Rittenhouse, named for the railroad spur located near Rittenhouse and Ellsworth roads. The train used to run down into the city of Phoenix. As the community of Rittenhouse grew, and the use of the railroad stop diminished, the community changed its name to Queen Creek.